Song of Dystopia

by The Hornrims

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Artist With a Day Job The Hornrim's latest- "Song of Dystopia" is a fantastic concept album that will take you on an amazing journey (think "Tommy"). There's a lot to love here, so much so that when I asked Joe Popp (lead-singer and personal friend) to contribute a song for our upcoming compilation CD, it was tough to choose just one. (Personally, I couldn't, so I purchased the entire album for my own listening pleasure...). Favorite track: Fever Dream.
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Song of Dystopia is a concept album about a man wandering the earth in the not so distant future. As the world's atmosphere dies, he follows a signal to hopefully find a sanctuary where he can survive.


released September 25, 2013

Joe Popp - Guitar and Vocals
Tylor Durand - Drums
Brian McCabe - Bass
Drum tracking: Brian Trent
Mixed by Joe Popp
Recorded at: The Sonic Arts Center @ CCNY



all rights reserved


The Hornrims New York, New York

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Track Name: Coordinates/More Harm Than Good

Here’s a song you need to know
Watch me, listen, to the tones
It will guide you on your way
You will, see it, when your grown

Just open up you mind
It sounds crazy
Answers you will find
Now they’re hazy
You must do your work
You can’t be lazy

I’ve been trying all my life
Trip up, stumble, falling short
I’m not even slightly close
Trying, thinking, ‘til it hurts

Equations I can’t solve
You will conquer
I’m sure you will evolve
Do your studies
The problem you will solve
You must be the one

One day son this will be clear
Learn it, know it, hold my hand
A puzzle that I can’t decode
Crack it, break it, understand?

You’ve got so far to go
You will get there
The answer’s in the notes
It’s almost not fair
Grab it by the throat
You will find the air, the air, the air

More Harm Than Good

Stupid disagreement
What was it about?
Differing opinions
Both sides too devout

We always do more harm than good
We always do more harm than good

What was it that we tasted?
Was it victory?
Olive branches burning
Blasted to eternity

Look at how we raped her
There’s hardly nothing left
Took the sharpest knife
Plunged it in her chest
Track Name: Give Me A Drink
Give Me A Drink

I'm tired of digging up empty wells
Life on earth is like living in hell
The once ubiquitous is a rare supply
Why won't it fall from the mackerel sky

Somebody give me a drink

We all have needs we need quenched
I remember when the earth was drenched
Can't locate my basic need
At the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy

The ancient Mariner bit his arm
Drank his blood to scream the alarm
I don't need to use my voice
Surviving would be a better choice
Track Name: Fever Dream
Fever Dream

I don't know where i was taken
Maybe a far off northern ruin
I saw the forms in the fever dream
They were painting pictures of the moon
Pictures of the moon

I don't know what took hold
A man's face turned and froze
There was a room above my head
They were selling pictures of the dead
Pictures of the dead

Adam had a broken rib
They cut glass upon his back
In the forms of the fever dream
No one ever – ever comes back
No one ever comes back
Track Name: Miserable Highway
Miserable Highway

Is there a will
Is there a way
How can the mind
Just turn away

The code is lost
Answer in the ashtray
The search for meaning
Has given way

Am I living just to die
On that miserable highway
Am I living just to die

What will matter
I cannot see
There must be a reason
Purpose to be
Track Name: Shelter

Broken machine from another time
Virtue of the production line
Under the hood a place of my own
Made by hands forever unknown

Shelter me from
a world unknown
Shelter me from
A world unknown

Once a transport now a home
The destruction of the comfort zone
What once was has changed for good
The meaning of which now understood

No souls in this dying rust
Make refuge here if I must
Good intentions often change
Repurposed and rearranged

Staring out over tons of waste
Oxidation leaves a bitter taste
Fields that were once lush and green
Painted charcoal by Benzine
Track Name: The Scientist
The Scientist

Every night she sits lonely
Tapping out the clues
An effort cast in vain
But there's not much else to do

Broadcasting far and near
Fighting back the tears
Combats her greatest fear
That nobody can hear

Hoping for an answer
To her electronic plea
Pressing ancient equipment
That emits a series of beeps

32 - 34 - 43 - 60
110 - 51 - 02 - 14
Track Name: The Signal
The Signal

Do I hear a transmission?
bouncing all around inside my head
Taunting me from it’s origin
A sound that leaves me so mislead

I’m supposed to be the solution
Some kind of human Rosetta Stone
Haunted by the ghost of my father
I can’t figure this out on my own
Track Name: My Compass

While all seemed at its blackest
We trudged alone though the tar
Squeezed my shoulder I felt the grip
That’s how I knew I was safe

You thought you were too aggressive
Fathers do what they have to do
Protecting things most precious
Prolong that certain fate

Thought I’d let you know
How much I miss my compass
I reach out
You’re not there

Taught me how to beat disaster
Gave me tools to survive
Told when to fight and when to run
When to give and when to take

Einstein knew what he was talking about
Time is such a fleeting thing

All I have are tattered visions
Wish you were by my side again
Give me your sage direction
To guide me on my way
Track Name: A Man Alone
A Man Alone

Isolation to the highest degree
A man alone like a refugee
Pulling the trigger would solve this thing
Is it a sound, if no one hears the ring?

What's the point if there's no resting place
A man alone on a world erased
Nothing survived but waste and dreck
I want to swing from gallows by my neck

Is that signal inside my head
A man alone I'm so mislead
Scrambling for any way to cope
Clinging to the thinnest shred of hope
Track Name: Remnant

See the traces of the past
Some things I thought would always last
Laid out here right before my eyes
The old world has finally died

Useless, somehow
History, for now

Buildings burn all through the night
Fire blazing, the only light
Traffic jams are all gone
Everyday an uncertain dawn

Broken, somehow
Forgotten, for now

Broken bridges underwater
Prized possessions are no longer
Dead cities surround me
Have we finally been set free?

History somehow
Forgotten for now
Track Name: Figured It Out
Figured It Out

Within my spinning mind
Examined a crazy scheme
The song my father taught me
Is more than what it seems

Assigning numbers to the notes
A scientist hinted with a code
Position is what it’s all about
It’s obvious now
I figured it out

We never recognize
Signs right in our face
We over analyze
Never look from a different place

Figured it out
Track Name: Run/Perspective is Defective
Perspective is Defective

I have wandered many hours
This barren crust I had to scour
For impossible code
There was no connection

Thought it was all for naught
I know my father's glad I fought
Is there hope for this rock
Maybe resurrection?

Answers are obvious
When you look from a different place
Perspective is defective
When there's no receptor

The basic task simple and clear
A message transmitted complete and sincere
I arrived at the end
Finished the circuit

Thanks to you whomever you are
A pulse of light in my dark
Leading me to this point
I guess it was worth it
Track Name: Finally Home
Finally Home

Somehow I believed this very place existed
Followed the blinding faith many others have resisted
Heard the notes they called – a subliminal sensation
We are finally here a saving destination
All we need is entrance to escape the hell that’s been
Kindly open the gates…

Let us – Let us

Struggle your whole life to achieve a place of peace
And when you arrive there it’s so hard to believe
Trapped on an endless treadmill trying to take a leap
Often only get there when you’re fast asleep
Just can't stay protected in this tight hermetic seal
Have to find a way to help the earth to heal

We’re finally home